10.11.13 Greek Cops Tussle With ERT Protesters

Greek police, protesters scuffle at shut public broadcaster ERT

Riot police battled protesters and opposition lawmakers at the closed

public broadcasting station ERT in Athens late on Nov. 9 as Parliament

was debating a motion to censure the Conservative-led coalition government


for sending in the police earlier in the week to oust former workers occupying the building.

23.11.13 Floods on Greek Island of Rhodes Kill at Least two

Floods on Greek Island of RhodesTwo women have died on the

Greek tourist island of Rhodes  and 2 men are missing after heavy rainfall hit the area.

Floods on Greek Island of Rhodes A 27-year-old woman’s body was found in the sea

on Saturday near the town of Kremasti, one of the areas hardest hit by the intense three-hour downpour,

a fire department spokeswoman said.

24-strike on July 16

Greek labor unions called a 24-strike on July 16 to protest against planned public

sector layoffs demanded by the country's international lenders in exchange for more funds.

img 1890 lite

The country's largest private and public sector unions GSEE and ADEDY,

which combined represent about 2.5 million workers, have staged

repeated strikes since the debt crisis broke out in late 2009.

9.10.2012 Angela Merkel visits Athens

MERKEL Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel is to visit Greece on 9.10.2012
as Athens works to convince its creditors to pay the next installment of
its bailout package.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

26.09.2012 Public servants and private employees on strike (GSEE & ADEDY)

The two largest unions of public servants and private employees will be on strike at September 26th
reacting to new cuts in wages and pensions.

22.08.2012 Eurogroup head Jean-Claude Juncker to visit Athens

Eurogroup head Jean-Claude Juncker to visit Athens

Mister Juncker has arranged to visit Greece on August 22nd.
The Euro Group's president's agenda will be almost the same
as the agenda with José Manuel Durão Barroso who was
in Greece a few weeks ago.

Jean-Claude Juncker will meet with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, a few days before the Samaras visit to Paris and Berlin where he will be having talks with President of France François Hollande and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

26.07.2012: Troika officials in Athens
samaras barroso
EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso will meet Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on July 26 in Athens to discuss the country's progress under its bailout plan.
Barroso's trip will coincide with a visit by EU/IMF inspectors to assess whether Athens deserves to receive more payments under the 130 billion euro rescue programme, as speculation mounts that it could be forced to quit the eurozone.
17.06.2012: New General Elections on June 17 2012

After days of uncertainty, efforts to form a coalition government failed. So following the inconclusive elections on 6 May Greece will hold new elections on June 17 in response to a political stalemate that left the debt-racked country unable to form a government.

The announcement comes as the Greek debt crisis threatens the stability of the European Union's single currency and Greece is closer than ever before to leave the Eurozone.

Greece Post-election / Political Crisis

Sunday's parliamentary election in Greece delivered a crushing blow to New Democracy and Pasok, the two dominant parties that have ruled the country for the last 37 years. In the coming weeks, expect uncertainty, shifting alliances and growing frustration as a new political landscape struggles to emerge from the wreckage of the old while the chance of government fade

10.05.2012: Olympia - Lighting Ceremony of the Olympic Flame

At the Temple of Hear in Olympia, the Olympic Flame a symbol of the Olympic Games will start its journey from the motherland of the Olympic Games Greece and after a short relay around Greece, the flame will be handed over to the new host city of the Olympic Games 2012 London.

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