17.11.13 40th Anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising:Thousands of People in the Protest

40th Anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising

 The events for the 40th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising in 1973,

reached its peak with the annual protest march.

The march began at the gate of the Polytechnic University reaching the U.S.

Embassy in Athens, Greece.

Many students, members of unions, supporters of SYRIZA and fired employees of ERT,

took part in the march.

At around 17.30 p.m, the main body of protesters, passed outside the hotel Hilton, heading to the U.S. Embassy in Vasilissis Sofias street. According to the police, about 9,000 people took part in the march. The police proceeded with more than 90 detentions and 2 arrests. The march progressed without violent incidences and tension.

However two young men found a rather original way to protest. They stood in front of the police forces and took off their clothes and underwear. The policemen were calm and were just watching the two men protesting about the intense police presence in this year’s anniversary events.

The gates of the historical building of the Polytechnic University in Greece were open to public until 14.00 p.m. The building was being guarded by teachers and students. Meanwhile, the surrounding streets were closed.

The police security measures were stricter than in previous years, with 6,000 policemen being on the streets. Many central streets as well as metro stations in the center of Athens were closed and there were changes in the bus routes.


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